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I'm a fantasy/paranormal writer, currently working on the next instalment of the Lords of Theia series.


I've won awards, featured in global publications, interviewed by the press... But having spent the majority of my working life writing and designing content for others, I decided it was time to write something for me. Hence Blue was born.


When I'm not imagining what it would be like to live as one of my characters, I spend my days in 'Rosie Grey's World'. A place where birds sing, music plays and sun shines.


I'm one of an eclectic group of ladies who lunch, and am a fully-fledged member of Tuesday club (we don’t talk about Tuesday club). I adore Bailey’s, served in chocolate cups, and afternoon tea with champagne. I have a weakness for chocolate and lattes, and, like mother like daughter, was born to shop (it says so on my birth certificate).


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