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To the darkness.


Once a peaceful race. But, under orders of a ruthless immortal King, the Lords have ruled over Theia for thousands of years with malevolence. They have become hunters, assassins, executioners, predators. Monsters to their own kind. The few remaining Lords who defied the King have been slaughtered.


Now it's up to us to fight back.



Blue: Book One, The Lords of Theia Series


Blue didn’t know who her parents were. She didn’t know her birth name. As far back as she could remember she had been passed from foster home to foster home, never really knowing what it felt like to belong.


Until she meets Alice, the grandmother she'd never had, and Red, Alice's granddaughter. Together they become the family Blue had always dreamed of.


But Alice and Red have a secret. One that, once revealed, will turn Blue’s world upside down. For everything Blue has ever known, up until her 21st Birthday, was lived as a lie. Everything she has, will be taken from her. Then when the knowledge of her existence falls into the wrong hands, Blue faces the fight of her life to not only survive in a world she doesn’t know, and save the ones she loves, but to ultimately bring justice to the forces that are threatening to destroy their world.

Blue - Cover for Kindle

The Lords of Theia

Red Cover for Kindle

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