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My Time

Take-out coffee

It's that time of day when work is over. The kids are asleep, the cat’s been fed, and hubby's conked out on the sofa.


It's the new time of day I have named "My Time".


So pour yourself a hot chocolate, add some marshmallows, take a pew in a comfy chair and open up Rosie's Blog.


It’s your "My Time" after all...

Blue Teaser #3 - 1 Day To Go!

By Rosie Ellen Grey, Nov 25 2016 12:22PM

Teaser #3 From Blue, Book One in The Lords of Theia series

Releasing in 1 day...

Having been kept in the dark for ten days, she struggled to make out the shadowy silhouettes of men through the piercing bright light of countless torches. As she squinted towards them, she thought she could make out at least twenty figures, before she had to close her eyes against the assault.

Only 1 day until Blue's story begins!

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