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My Time

It's that time of day when work is over. The house is clean, the dinner has been cooked, and the stilettos are finally kicked to the floor.


It's the new time of day I have named 'My Time'.


So take a deep breath, pour yourself a hot chocolate (don't forget the marshmallows), curl up in a comfy chair and open up Rosie's Blog.


It’s your 'My Time' after all...

By Rosie Ellen Grey, Dec 21 2017 11:00AM

As they drove through the mountains of Lord Theron’s land, Roman took in the stunning scenery. Entire slopes had turned various shades of orange, yellow and red. He could smell the autumn scents. See for miles as the air was so clear, not a cloud littered the sky. He took in the spectacular maple trees lining the roads. Their fiery red leaves dancing to a silent yet graceful melody in the breeze. Occasionally letting go of their branches, they flew high and free like elegant autumnal butterflies. It was like driving through a red world.

Octoberland, he smiled.

Coming soon...

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